Asclepios Pharmaceutical Wholesale Company is a joint stock company which established in 1995. In 2008, Asclepios was acquired by Ortie Capital Investment, a venture capital fund company based in Poland.

The management structure of Asclepios has been re-organised to meet the objectives of the organization whereby the trade department has been the core department with other services being outsourced around Poland. The extensive logistic system links the transport network in all Poland with the drug warehouse in Błonie and Radonice.

We offer transport of pharmaceuticals (healthcare products) as well as medicinal products in accordance to the requirements of the Pharmaceutical Law and Good Distribution Practice. Our efficient distribution network has guaranteed our delivery to any places in Poland within 24hours.

The company is currently in cooperation with over 550 hundreds hospitals in Poland with an increasing number of successful bids. Our partners are the key medical market suppliers which offer local and imported drugs to hospitals.

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About Us

Which established in 1995

The market of hospital drug distribution is a difficult and challenging one. Merely a few largest pharmaceutical wholesale companies provide medical supplies to the vast majority of hospital pharmacies. Strong competition is a crucial factor to be considered. It is not easy to pave one’s way on that market. A pharmaceutical company has to make many important decisions and the success depends on their accuracy.

ASCLEPIOS development

As some services have been entrusted to external partners, the Management has been able to focus its whole attention on sales departments. Dynamic development of Public Procurement Department resulted in a significant rise in the number of tenders. We increased activity in sales, which led to five new local offices in 2008 and soon afterwards Asclepios started delivering medical supplies to hospitals in the whole country.

Legislation, product specificity and frequent changes necessitate constant structural modernization of a pharmaceutical wholesale company providing medical supplies to hospitals, and adjusting its organization to the current needs of the customers. Our big asset turned out to be the ability to turn threats posed by trade inherent risks into a chance to open new areas of activity.

Benefits for customers

We guarantee reliable sale services:

the customer will be always looked after by the same person

quick procedures of dealing with complaints

Full range of hospital drugs at Competitive prices

Exclusive rights to some pharmaceuticals

Fast and safe logistics system

We deliver supplies within 24 hours to all hospitals. Our parcels are duly labelled and protected against contamination, damage and theft, as well as against harmful effects of high or low temperatures, light, humidity and other adverse conditions. Medicinal products requiring low temperatures are transported in vehicles equipped with cooling devices able to keep the temperature between 2 and 8°C, or in special transport containers.

The whole process of selling and shipping medical supplies is tightly controlled. Evidencing drugs and their serial numbers together with their recipients and the time of delivery allows to suspend their distribution or withdraw the drugs efficiently from the market and hospital pharmacies.

Observing quality standards set forth in Good Distribution Practice does not exhaust all the possibilities of a good cooperation between a pharmaceutical company and a hospital. Mutual dialogue allows to decrease storage costs due to good organization of deliveries. Proper conditions during the transport itself affect the quality and effectiveness of the drug, whereas well organized logistics facilitates managing the drug stocks and, in effect, lowers its cost.

Our Team

Who For Us Works

The company currently employs 126 people – specialists in the field of purchasing, public procurement, tender analysis, telemarketing and nutrition supplies for patients treated at home.

Although Asclepios is not a public company, it tries to be transparent.

Asclepios’s assets are: the ability to make quick commercial decisions, instant reactions to customer needs, care for patient safety and modern logistics solutions.


for drug producers registered on the polish market

Distribution carried out according to the regulations of Good Distribution Practice – GDP. Reliable procedures of preparing tender offers. Professional help of our experienced sales representatives and call-center workers. Ethical approach to all hospitals in Poland. Guarantee of a safe sale – we supply medicinal products only to entities authorized to buy them. Our warehouses are equipped with cold stores, where the temperature is kept between 2 and 8°C. Continuous monitoring and registering the storage conditions is a crucial element of a safe drug storage.


Addressed To You

Pharmaceutical wholesale company Asclepios has been operating due to the permit issued by the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector GIF-P-Z-4301-30/WB/06 on 18th May 2006. We cooperate with the biggest pharmaceutical concerns in the world as well as with the leading Polish producers. We offer a range of about 10,000 products. It allows us to supply a full range of drugs, which is vital in inpatient care. We offer items in the following groups:


Benefits for drug producers not registered in Poland

We provide

Market recognition and market analysisSupport of our sales representatives, assigned to a given producerMediation in contactsLegal consultancy

— Warehouse ASCLEPIOS —

Principles of cooperation

The execution of the order for delivery of medicinal products by ASCLEPIOS S.A. company, placed by an authorized entity conducting retail (wholesale) trade of medicinal products is dependent on the entity’s providing the company with the necessary documents confirming the ability to purchase the products ordered by the entity and making a prepayment equal to the value of the delivery in the form of a bank transfer to the bank account of ASCLEPIOS S.A. The execution of the order shall commence upon crediting the bank account.

In the process of bilateral agreements, ASCLEPIOS S.A. may decide, with the authorized entity conducting retail (wholesale) trade of medicinal products, on the rules of payment for the ordered products that are different than those indicated in the preceding sentence, provided that this entity (purchaser) secures the payment of the price for the delivered products in another manner, previously accepted by ASCLEPIOS S.A.

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